Curriculum Used 2011-2012


  • NIV (older version) Bible
  • Who is God? from Apologia  
  • AWANA verses
Character Study
  • Lego-Man will be completing the lessons on "Arithmetic" at Khan Academy most of the year.
  • Conductor will do the same for a bit and then go back to using Math-U-See.
  • Happy will finish up his Primer book of Math-U-See and move on to Alpha.
  • The boys will also use various programs we have for math drill including Math Galaxy, Quarter Mile Math, or CalcuLadder (I own the CalcuPak Level 1 disk). 
  • Donna Young's "Cursive Words" worksheets. Lego-Man & Conductor are both using these. They read the words to me so they can practice reading cursive. They then write each word twice in order to practice their handwriting. Free to download from her website.
TOS Crew Items
  • Various items will be used throughout the year. You can see a list of them by clicking here. Those that are linked means that the review is complete and will take you to it on my blog. Regular text shows upcoming items.

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