Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day #119/175 Days


  • MUS - complete 25E
  • Complete 3C & 3D in Wordly Wise
  • Work on Latin
  • Practice piano
  • Read book of choice for 20 mins.
  • Dictated a letter to a distant friend and drew a picture to send as well
  • Completed MUS 16D
  • Handwriting book - Lesson 5
  • Get Ready for the Code p. 31-33
  • Alpha-Phonics - Lesson 15 - first 3 lines (about 15 words read)
  • Practiced piano
AWANA Club - two hours

Lesson learned - over a week later I sat down tonight to update the blog with the kids work. I can't seem to find Conductor's checklist for today. Since I just overwrite each day's and do not save all the changes, I can't remember what he accomplished today. Hopefully it turns up and I can add it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day #118/175 Days

Together School

  • CalcuLadder Drill
  • PE - 4 laps total
  • Family Walk Day 5 & read Mark chapters 10 & 11 aloud
  • Read aloud: By the Shores of Silver Lake (2 chapters) and True to the Last (2 chapters)
  • Created three more elements to our Tale of Three Trees lapbook
  • Watched an art lesson on The Crossmaker CD - an illuminated letter lesson

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day #117/175 Days


  • Complete 25D
  • Wordly Wise - read pgs. 17-18 and complete 18-20
  • Big IQ Kids
  • Read Latin vocabulary words
  • Practice the piano
  • Read book of choice for 20 minutes
  • AWANA verses
  • Fix errors in MUS on p. 289 & complete 24F
  • Read pgs. 25-26 in Wordly Wise and complete p. 29
  • Handwriting - write whole name twice neatly and complete Lesson 5 on p. 13
  • Practice piano
  • Read Christian Liberty Nature Reader book 1 pgs. 1-10 (about wasps)
  • Practice piano
  • Play GoGo Kabongo for 30 minutes
  • Explode the Code book C pgs. 22-29
  • Handwriting - Lesson 4
  • MUS - 16C
  • Piano lessons
  • Story of the World CDs Volume 2

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day #116/175 Days

The boys haven't been great about remembering to do their morning chores. This week I added them to their checklists. I'm not sure why I didn't think of this before. It's been great!


  • AWANA verses
  • Complete MUS 24E
  • Fix 4C
  • Practice the piano
  • Big IQ Kids
  • Read book of choice for 20 minutes
  • Fix wrong MUS problems on 25B & 25C.
  • Wordly Wise - read 2E only
  • Practice the piano
  • Free reading
(Lego-Man had more assignments. He just didn't do them.)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day #115/175 Days (4-H meeting)

Our 4-H group is going to be creating a "Kids Can Grow" program - the first in our county. We've been working hard over the last month soliciting donations for the program. It's estimated that it will cost about $200 per child. Each child will have their own 3x5' raised bed at home as well as tend one of four community beds. We'll be raising a variety of food. Anything harvested from the community beds will be sold at the local Farmer's Market this fall and the proceeds will help to fund this program next year.

Today was our first official meeting. We are meeting on Saturday late afternoons and enjoying a potluck meal as well.

The kids were told how the program would work. They were then split in to four teams to decide on what types of things they will be planting at home as well as in their team bed. I peaked a bit at Lego-Man's group and they have some neat ideas. I'm encouraging Lego-Man to grow a "rabbit" garden at home so his two bunnies can enjoy fresh veggies this year.

We have been truly blessed by donations for this program and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

(3 hours)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day #114/175 Days

Together School

  • Watched "The Crossmaker" DVD (I'll be reviewing this DVD this week and offering a giveaway - it's really well done - a bit intense - but it's about the Easter story)
  • CalcuLadder Drill
  • PE - 2 laps
  • Family Walk - Day 4 & read Mark 8 & 9 aloud
  • Read alouds: By the Shores of Silver Lake (2 chapters) & True to the Last (1 chapter)
  • Piano practice

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day #113/175 Days - Field Trip

Today we headed north early. It was far too early for me and about half the people in the van I was driving. However, it was one of the best field trips we have ever done. I was so glad I managed to persevere and go. I almost backed out at the last minute. Thankfully I didn't.

Last year we joined a local 4-H group. We've had so many great opportunities due to this involvement. This past fall my boys participated in a "Money Camp." This was the chance to learn about running a business. The kids were encouraged to come up with a product, create it, and market it. The final test was selling them at local craft fairs during the holiday season.

Today's field trip was a follow-up to that. We were invited to the University of Maine at Orono (my and hubby's alma mater) to attend two college classes on innovated engineering.

In the morning we went to the INV 180 class. This was a class of students who are learning how to come up with a marketable product or idea. All the 4-H kids (all the ones who attended were homeschooled and it was fantastic to watch them interact with these older college students) were paired up with a table of INV 180 students. The college students helped them troubleshoot their Money Camp products. I, of course, was simply a chaperone so I went around snapping photos.

Conductor got right down to business and made this table about a dozen paper airplanes.

This group of students helped Lego-Man work on his concept for making video games.

After class ended we stayed in the Foster Center and enjoyed a catered lunch. While we waited for this to get set-up one of the graduate students come in and talked about the product he is working on. He has invented a way for ships to convert recycle energy on board. He showed the kids his prototype and they loved it! Simply by touching the "solar panel" they generated electricity as measured by a volt meter.

Conductor checking how much electricity he is generating.

Of course, the most fun was in the downtime between after lunch and the start of the next class. The center wants to help foster creativity and understands that too much "thinking" leads to burnout. For this reason they have a ping-pong table, foose-ball table, and a Wii. I nixed the Wii but the kids were able to play on the foose-ball and ping-pong table and for many, this was their favorite part of their day!

After lunch the kids joined in on the INV 282 class. This is writing course - technical writing at its core. Again, the 4-H kids were placed with a table of college students. The college students were to take the idea sheets generated at the morning class and write up a marketing plan for each of the 4-H students. They will be emailed to us when complete. 

Then we headed over to the test kitchen on campus. One of the girls in our 4-H group loves to bake. She had brought some mint whoopie pies for us to try out. We were showed the "proper" way to taste test. They were all great!

The 4-H'ers were shown how food is tested in the kitchen - everything from water content to mold growth. It was really cool. We were all then taken to a large lab upstairs and given a tour of some of that equipment as well. It was a very neat place. 

Near the end of the day we were also given a tour of the baking kitchens on campus (so jealous - they are huge) and the campus' commercial kitchen. They have some very neat pieces of equipment in there. Everything from a milk pasteurizing machine to a huge "seal-a-meal" machine. We were even given a demonstration on that one. The lab tech shrink wrapped his keys, his id, and a piece of paper towel at 75% oxygen removal. Then the did another piece of paper at 99% removal. The last one looked laminated it was that strong!

They ended their day in the flash freezer (30 minutes to freeze most things). They look cold!

While it was a long day, it was also a great day. I'm so glad we went and the kids were awesome. Thanks, guys!

After the long day out, we still went to AWANA that night. All told we were gone for 14 hours from the house today.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day #112/175 Days

Together School

  • CalcuLadder Drill
  • Family Walk - Read Mark chapters 6 & 7
  • "Popcorn" Prayer
  • Sang "Amazing Grace"
  • "PE" - boys did two "laps" (from our house to their Grandfather's garage and back is one lap - it's about 100 yards one way. They can walk or run or ride their bikes.)
  • Read two chapters in By the Shores of Silver Lake
  • Read one chapter in True to the Last
  • Read The Tale of Three Trees and completed 2 lapbook elements. We are doing this lapbook in light of Easter. It can be found HERE at Homeschool Share. The link is just under the photo of the book.
  • Watched "Scale of the Solar System" on Khan Academy. 
  • Watched "Beethoven Lives Upstairs" - we've listened to Classics for Kids version often so this was a neat way to add to that knowledge
  • Piano Practice

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day #111/175 Days

Together School

  • CalcuLadder Drill
  • Spelling PreTest for Conductor and Lego-Man
  • Kahn Academy - watched this video on the French Revolution (and I've even figured out how to do this full-screened on my TV via the "internet channel" on our Wii).
  • Piano Lessons
  • Story of the World CDs while driving (we're on Volume 2)
  • Get Ready for the Code Book C pgs. 16-21
  • MUS p. 16B
  • Practice piano
  • Lesson 3 in handwriting
  • AWANA verses
  • MUS - fix & complete 24D
  • Complete Phonics workbook pages
  • Wordly Wise - p. 28-29
  • Practice piano
  • Handwriting pgs. 9 & 10
  • Independent Reading
  • MUS - fix problems on 25B & complete 25C
  • Wordly Wise - Complete 2C & 2D
  • Big IQ Kids
  • Latin - watch Lesson 2
  • Practice the piano

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day #110/175 Days

I'm currently 17 days ahead of where I was this time last year. Yeah me! I can't wait to finish up your 175 days and get busy having fun away from regular lessons.

Together School

  • CalcuLadder Drill - the boys are making excellent progress using this program. I really recommend it. I own the MasterPak 1 which includes CalcuLadder 1, 2, 3, and Ready Writer as pdf files. I can print as many as I need. I have the answer keys and scoring sheets in a 3-ring binder. I just print what I need for each boy and keep extras behind the answer key. They stay there until the end of the year when I clean it out and start over. 
  • Bible Study - I'm using an old copy of Family Walk. This is helping to focus our devotions. I also have a few other kid-friendly devotions we will be using at some point. We are also reading the book of Mark out loud - we each take turns reading sections. The boys seem to actually be enjoying this and it's helping to make them active learners/listeners as well as improving their public speaking skills/reading aloud skills. I'm thankful that my boys do this skill very well.
  • Read aloud to them - I'm remembering how important this is for them. I encourage everyone to read as much as possible to their children - no matter the age. We are working through By the Shores of Silver Lake (almost done!) and True to the Last (a Lamplighter book).
  • Science - watched four episodes from "The Universe." It is really full of evolutionary content but it's allowing us to discuss our viewpoints.
  • Piano practice
  • Listend to Adventures in Odyssey

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day #109/175 Days

We did a very easy day of school today....

Spring has finally come to Maine. Yeah! The boys spent quite a bit of time outside playing. They worked on building dams and playing in the mud.

We discovered a new series on Netflix called The Universe. We watched Episode 1:Secrets of the Sun. (In fact, Conductor has been watching more on his own.)

Read out loud:

  • Snowflake Bentley by Jackqueline Briggs Martin
  • The Henhouse: A True Story of Life on a Maine Farm by Carol Shorey Dean
  • St. Patrick's Day by Gail Gibbons
More Story of the World listening while we drove around all afternoon. We spent the afternoon at a 4H club meeting as well. We're preparing for Demonstration Day/Educational Fair and some of the children shared some of their performing arts plans.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day #108/175 Days (Fine Arts Co-Op)

Due to my sister's work schedule, we've been playing with our schedule for our Fine Arts Co-Op. This week we had it on Thursday. This also worked as both my sister & BIL had to work tomorrow so my nephew stayed overnight. Here is what we accomplished today:


  • Read about xylophone in Story of the Orchestra
  • Watched a video on YouTube of it being played
  • Create mini-book about xylophone
  • Read about the timpani in Story of the Orchestra
  • Listened to Track 31 on the CD
  • Watched this video on YouTube of a timpani solo (impressive!)
  • Created mini-book about timpani
  • Read from Lives of the Musicians (new book) pgs. 49-53 about Brahms
  • Read from Meet the Great Composers
  • Created mini-book about Brahms
  • Watched Lesson 9 in "God & The History of Art" on "The Reformation"
  • Watched art lesson on "Perspective Drawing" in "Beginning Drawing"
    • High Horizon line
    • Low Horizon line
    • 1 & 2 point perspective drawing
I love how hard he is concentrating here. Tongue & all!

  • Read about Jackson Pollock in Art in Story
  • Watched this video and this video on YouTube about Pollock. The first shows Pollock in action and the second shows his Top 20 paintings
  • Of course, no study of Pollock would be complete without having a go at some "action painting" of our own!
Happy just discovered the joy of "spatter painting."

Happy's work.

Conductor's go at it. He used just white & blue.

Lego-Man had the best time of all I think.

Our day ended by listening to Story of the World Volume 2 (just started) as we drove to AWANA. AWANA Club for two hours in the evening. The boys always have a good time with this.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day #107/175 Days


  • AWANA verses
  • Complete MUS 24D
  • Phonics workbook pgs. 36-38
  • Wordly Wise p. 25-26 complete 4A
  • Complete p. 9
  • Practice piano
  • Big IQ Kids (TOS Crew product)
  • Complete 25B MUS
  • Wordly Wise - complete 2A & 2B
  • Big IQ Kids (TOS Crew product)
  • Practice piano

We all took a field trip in the afternoon to a local bakery called The Bankery (it's housed in an old bank). This was part of our "Money Camp" that we did through 4H this fall. We talked to one of the owners about starting your own business and all that entailed. He was very gracious. Although, I think the favorite part for my boys was the end. I let them each pick something from the bakery to take home. I snagged a blueberry scone. SO yummy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day #106/175 Days (Art Class)

Today we headed north for our monthly art class. I know I'm really enjoying these classes and I'm pretty sure the boys are as well. They get to be messy and try new things. Today the focus was masks. The boys went in with a general idea of what they wanted to create. I was amazed at how big these things ended up!

Karen used a neat technique but I didn't get all the details. She used recycled paper and cardboard. During the week she spent time coating them with a substance that was toxic actually. However, when it dries, it's safe to be handled and it's sticky - think contact paper sticky. She helped the kids construct their frame from cardboard...

Happy started out as a "space shuttle" but morphed in to a "alien."

Conductor was aiming for a "dragon."

Then they added the paper "skin." Unlike paper mache, they only needed one layer. Here is Conductor with his frame covered.

Then they were given other items to tape on to help create the shape such as TP rolls, foam shapes, etc. They had a blast. Then the really messy part started....painting!

Lego-Man is working on his "Grim Pig" mask.

Spray paint would have been faster and less messy, but the kids loved it all anyway.

We even managed a group photo before everyone left. The kids did a really great job with this project! Even though a lot of them ran out of time on painting, they still had fun. We still need to finish up our painting, but I'll be getting spray paint and doing this outside! 

Karen - our teacher - is the only one without a mask.

We've also been listening to Story of the World on CD while we're driving. We're in Volume 1 right now. I plan to go through all four volumes this way - just listening right now. Our day ended with piano lessons.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day #105/175 Days


  • Read 2 chapters in Little House book
  • Read 2 chapters in True to the Last (a Lamplighter book I picked up at the convention)
  • Calduladder Drill (worked on character too with Conductor after he had a melt-down and temper tantrum during this time. He had to rewrite Proverbs 14:17a "A quick-tempered man does foolish things.")
  • Phonics flashcard drill
  • Get Ready for the Code Book C p. 9-15
  • Alpha-Phonics Lesson 14A p. 17
  • Watch Lesson 16 MUS & do 16A
  • Practice piano
  • AWANA verses
  • New handwriting book (love the convention!) Penmanship for Christian Writing - Grade 1 (Rod & Staff) p. 5-7 (Lessons 1 & 2)
  • Reviewed recent math lesson
  • Big IQ Kids (TOS Crew product)
  • Latin - read pgs. 6-8 & do "Exercise 4" (TOS Crew product)
  • Retype "Pearl" paragraph & email it to me (TOS Crew product)
  • Practice piano
  • AWANA verses
  • Reviewed 3 digit subtraction with regrouping
  • Corrected 24B & did 24C of MUS
  • Wordly Wise - complete 3D
  • New handwriting book - pgs. 5-7
  • Practice piano
  • Big IQ Kids (TOS Crew product)
  • Read Geronimo Stilton book 20 mins
  • Bike Riding 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day #104/175 Days

I am leaving today for the annual Maine Homeschooling Convention. I was able to sneak a bit of school in before I left.

  • Watched the Scale of Earth & Sun video at Khan Academy (love this resource!)
  • Practice piano
  • Watched Lesson one of See the Light art DVD (TOS Crew product)
See - just a bit of school.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day #103/175 Days


  • Began Get Ready for the Code Book C p. 1-8
  • MUS 15F
  • Alpha-Phonics - Lesson 13
  • Finished making puppets
  • Read Genesis 12:1-6
  • Complete "The Call of Abram"
  • AWANA Verses
  • Watch Addition 2 at Khan Academy & do exercises (at least 10)
  • Read pgs 16-20 of Barron's Painless Junior Math Book and complete all exercises.
  • Wordly Wise - complete 3B & 3C
  • Practice piano
  • Big IQ Kids (TOS Crew product)
  • Read a Geronimo Stilton book
  • Complete Lesson 4 Workbook page - read all necessary scriptures
  • Watch Addition 2 at Khan Academy & do exercises (at least 10)
  • Big IQ Kids (TOS Crew product)
  • Latin - read pgs. 5-6 and complete Exercises 2 & 3
  • Writing - rewrite "Pearls" article
  • Practice piano

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day #102/175 Days


  • Piano lessons
  • Listened to Story of the World Vol. 1 on CD


  • Read James 3:1-12
  • Complete Lesson 3 Workbook page
  • Review Basic Addition at Khan Academy & do exercises (at least 10)
  • Big IQ Kids (TOS Crew product)
  • Zeezok Movie Guide (Finish Activity 2) (TOS Crew product)
  • Latin - read pages 1-4 & do "exercise 1" (TOS Crew product)
  • Writing - Do a KWO outline for "Pearls" (TOS Crew product)
  • Practice piano
  • Read Genesis 9:12-16
  • Complete "The Rainbow Covenant"
  • Color picture
  • AWANA verses
  • Review Basic Addition at Khan Academy & do exercises (at least 10)
  • Wordly Wise - complete 3A
  • Practice piano
  • Greek - continue working on "iota"
  • Big IQ Kids (TOS Crew product)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day #101/175 Days


  • Read Mark 1-3 (began trying Family Walk Again devotional)
  • Read 1 Chapter from Little House book
  • Calculadder Drill
  • Spelling placement tests (using Spell to Write and Read) I do this twice a year - once at the beginning of the year and once at the end to gauge how much progress the boys have made.
  • Make puppets
  • Read Genesis 4:1-26 & John 1:29
  • Complete "Cain & Abel" page
  • AWANA verses
  • MUS 24A
  • Wordly Wise lesson 2D
  • Practice piano
  • Greek - worked on "iota"
  • Read Owls of Ga'Hoole book
  • Read James 2:1-13
  • Complete Lesson 2 workbook page
  • Big IQ Kids (TOS Crew item)
  • Zeezok Movie Guide - Activity 2 (TOS Crew item)
  • Practice piano
  • Get Ready for the Code Book B p. 76-78 (finished book)
  • Extra writing practice on "d, n, p, s, h, j"
  • MUS 15E
  • Practice piano

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day #100/175 Days

While I made the boys do "Saturday" school this week, I didn't load on the assignments.


  • MUS worksheets
  • Look up definitions for remaining spelling words
  • Play Big IQ Kids for 20 minutes (TOS Crew item)
  • Complete Zeezok movie guide (he still had 3 pages of questions to answer) (TOS Crew item)
  • Practice piano
  • Read Genesis 3:1-15
  • Complete "The Serpent's Lie" pages
  • AWANA verses
  • Complete 24B in MUS
  • Look up remaining 10 spelling words in the dictionary
  • Wordly Wise - read definitions - complete 2B & 2C
  • Practice piano
  • Greek - complete pages 29, 31,  32
  • GoGo Kabongo (TOS Crew item)
  • Big IQ Kids (TOS Crew item)
  • Practice piano
  • GoGo Kabongo
  • Color wolf and dragon paper bag puppet patterns

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day #99/175 Days

I felt like I spent most of the day on the road. While that wasn't true - I was home all morning. I just spent the afternoon on the road! We didn't do checklists this morning but the boys did practice their piano.

In the afternoon we headed to our 4-H meeting. We talked about all of our business and made some decisions. Plus all the members spent some time making masks out of recyclables such as paper bags, cereal boxes, paper plates, etc. They had a great time I think. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.

More Story of the World was listened to during all of our afternoon/evening driving.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day #98/175 Days - Field Trip

Today we headed to the local opera house to see a play. They typically host four a year (two in the fall and two in the spring). Although, this year I think they only did two and the one this fall was geared more towards high school age.

A brief synopsis of the play:
Young Astra grows up with the woodland fairies. She loves to watch the the fascinating humans that live in the nearby castle. She soon learns that she is not a fairy, but rather a human as well. Her fairy parents send her to learn of her birth from the midwife that saved her life. Her mother had died during childbirth and her grandfather blamed Astra (Perdita is the name she was given by the midwife) for this tragedy and wanted her killed. The midwife instead gave her to the fairies as she had also been brought up by the fairies.

The young prince of the castle must find a wife. His parents continue to host balls and festivals in hopes he will find a suitable bride. He fondly remembers dancing with the fairies in the forest and feels more at home there.

One day he meets Astra/Perdita in the forest after being robbed by brigands. She is taken away by her fairy friends, however, and the prince cannot find her.

In a Cinderella-like moment, she arrives at the ball in human clothes rather than the "tattercoat" dress she wore in the fairy-land. The prince and Perdita live happily ever after.

It was a great play with lots of humor tossed in. I know all of my boys enjoyed it. Here are some photos from the day (I was sitting in the balcony):

Meeting "Tattercoats" aka Astra aka Perdita 

The guy on the left is the servant. He was a riot! Great slapstick!

Astra learning of her birth. 
The midwife was great. Her hat fell off and she never stopped.

The midwife when she was "younger" holding "baby" Perdita. 
Off to the side was the older midwife and Perdiate "watching" past
events unfold. This young "midwife" and the older "midwife" spoke their lines in unison.
It was a really great scene!

The fairy family meeting baby Astra/Perdita.

The prince being rebellious. 

The brigands. Lego-Man loved these two.

Perdita meeting the prince.

Some of the royals. 

Perdita arriving at the ball.

Perdita meeting her grandfather. I loved how much hair they put on this guy!

The final "dance." The young girl off to the left is a scorned princess. 

We have started listening to The Story of the World Volume 1 in our vehicle while driving. The two hour round trip today gave us lots of time to listen. Jim Weiss is so nice to listen to! 

The boys also ended their day at AWANA. Happy earned his Wing Runner Rank patch! It took him 1-1/2 years to finish his first Spark book, so he was been in the second book about four months at this point. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day #97/175 Days - Fine Arts Co-Op

I had my nephew for a couple nights this week due to my sister's and BIL's work schedule. Since he was going to be here anyway, we decided I would just teach the co-op material alone on Wednesday while he was here. It went well.

We learned about the French horn. We read from Story of the Orchestra and watched these two videos on YouTube:

We also created our mini-book using the resource from Homeschool Share.

We moved on to the bassoon after. Again, reading from The Story of the Orchestra and creating our mini-books. We watched these two videos as well...

We moved on to reading about Franz Liszt in our Young Composers book. The boys filled out the student review pages while I read and then we went over the answers together after. They also shared one thing they learned and then created a mini-book for their notebooks.

After lunch we moved on to art.

  • We watched Lesson 8 in our "God & The History of Art" DVDs on "The Renaissance." (These are really great DVDs and I highly recommend them. Mr. Stebbing is excellent.)
  • We moved on to "Perspective Drawing" - again taught by Mr. Stebbing. This is part of the "Fundamentals of Beginning Drawing." Today the boys created a landscape drawing. 
  • We then started our study on Michelangelo. I read about him in Art in Story (excellent resource).
At this point I was a tad tired so I cut the boys some slack. All the really wanted to do at this point was go play so I let them. However, that meant spending time building with Legos while listening to Adventures in Odyssey and I still count that as "school time."

They also did four "laps" due to some behavior issues earlier in the day. This means they have to either walk or run from our house over to Grandpa's garage. It's about 100 yards one way. A "lap" is over and back.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day #96/175 Days

  • Read James 1
  • Complete "Lesson 1 Workbook" pages. I found them here. They have a few free ones.
  • Watch Lesson 25 MUS
  • Complete 25A & 25 B (he had difficulty with this so we'll be reviewing)
  • Look up the definitions for the first ten spelling words
  • Play Big IQ Kids for 20 minutes (TOS Crew item)
  • Zeezok Movie Guide for "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (TOS Crew item) - he viewed the movie and completed movie review questions
  • Practice the piano for 15 minutes
  • Piano lessons
  • Read Genesis 1:1-31 & 2:1-2
  • Complete "The Creative Days" page. I found them here
  • AWANA verses
  • MUS: fix errors on p. 279 (#3) & p. 281 (#6, #8, #9)
  • Watch MUS Lesson 24
  • Complete 24A
  • Write definitions for first 10 spelling words
  • Wordly Wise - read definitions and complete 2A
  • Practice piano 
  • Greek: complete p. 28 & 26
  • Read Owls of Ga'Hoole book
  • Piano lessons
  • Get Ready for the Code p. 68-75
  • MUS - 15D
  • Practice piano
  • GoGo Kabongo for 20 mins (TOS Crew item)
  • Piano lessons
We also began listening to Story of the World Vol. 1 on audio CD.