Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012 - Field Trip

Today we again gathered at church for our monthly class with the Tanglewood 4H instructors. This month we are doing a class on bats - "The Secret Life of Bats."

The two instructors who did this class were very energetic. I really enjoyed (as did the kids) how they split the class up in to "listening" time and "interactive" time. They began by quizzing the kids on what they already knew about bats. Then they put on a little skit for them. One instructor was a bat and the other was a red fox.

They did such a great job. The kids (and adults!) really enjoyed it and also learned quite a bit about the difference between bats and birds. 

I can't share any photos from the interactive time as there are too many faces of kids who aren't mine. However, suffice it to say the kids loved it! They played a version of Marco Polo but there were two people in the middle. Everyone else stood in a circle around them (to keep the ones in the center safe). One person was blindfolded and was the bat. The other was a bug. The "bat" used all their senses but their eyes to find the "bug." 

After they watched a short PowerPoint on bats. They also played had a short quiz (which they again really liked) about bats. 

The class ended with them being able to observe some real-life bat specimens. 

They all had a great time and I think they are looking forward to class next month. 

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