Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012


  • Math: Complete rows 1-3 on pg. 150 & #12-16 n pg. 151
  • Life of Fred: read and complete pages 54-54
  • Complete handwriting page
  • Complete Day #21 in Sequential Spelling
  • Complete writing pages 269-170
  • Read and complete pgs. 37-42 in Vocabulary book
  • Read pages 77-84 in Grammar book
  • Complete Grammar pg. 35
  • Practice piano
  • Read pages 104-118 in George Washington's World
  • Read Psalm 16 and write out one verse
  • History: Watch Lesson 11. Complete comprehension questions. Do readings.
Pilot & Happy
  • Participated in a Tanglewood Nature Camp activity on "Spring Connections."

They were took turns being blindfolded. Their partner would bring them to a tree and they then had to use their senses to find the same tree. They also looked at various things in the woods that were showing the signs of spring. The instructors are fantastic. At the end they were showing the kids "scat" and proceeded to eat it. It was really chocolate covered raisins. The boys enjoyed these classes.

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