Friday, July 24, 2009

New Master Plan 2009

After having spent quite a bit of time on the Simply Charlotte Mason site last night, I have come up with a new Master Plan for 2009. It implements the Circle Time concept I talked about earlier plus the CM classes that are encouraged. And, in a first for me, I've attached times to each subject. I typically do not do this, but I wanted to be sure that we could cover what I'd like. I think we can. If you'd like to check it out, I turned my table in to a Google Document.

Tell me what you think? Did I bite off too much to chew?

I want to do the four day schedule in order to leave Friday open for other pursuits. I have been asked by a friend to teach a photography class for her son. I'll be including at least Lego-Man if not Conductor & I'm not sure who else will join us. That class will only be twice a month.

I'm also going to attempt to teach the boys piano this year thus the 90 minutes music lessons on Fridays. I only have a keyboard currently but I played growing up & I think I can at least get them started. That is one thing that has been lacking in our homeschool that I really want to remedy. I would love to see the boys graduate knowing at least how to play the piano if not the violin as well.

I'm getting excited for the start of our school year & that is also something that has been lacking lately. I still have a long to-do list of things I want to accomplish before we start. Time to get busy!


Wild Homeschool Family said...

It looks really nice all charted out on the link! What a great idea.

Stephanie said...

What are you including in your photography class? I'm thinking of teaching dd. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that one. I'm learning digital, so I'm really having to rethink what I learned in school. SO different than learning about the dark room!

brazzel6 said...

Just saw this blog on your other blog! WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Hope you don't mind, but I might try this kind of blog, too! I would love to be able to look back over our year and see what all we have done! Also, it might be a great motivator for me to get more done besides paper learning!!!!!!
Love it!