Saturday, August 28, 2010

Days #171-175/175 = DONE!

Our last week of school for the 2009-2010 school year is finally done. Lego-Man and I completed a Hunter’s Safety course offered by a local church. This is part of their ministry. We both scored a 94 on the final test. I was worried about how he would do since we don’t typically test in our homeschool. I was happy to see him do so well on it.

We took a trip to Mt. Blue State Park the Monday of this week. It was a fun day but full of adventures. I blogged it all over at my family blog. My favorite photo of the day was this one of the three younger cousins:

The boys had a lot of free time this week. We didn’t do a lot of formal lessons. Conductor did some work on Head of the Class. They read a lot and played a lot of board games, Wii games, and computer games.

We’ve also begun “Money Camp” with our 4-H group. Our first meeting was this week. Our 4-H coordinator for our county is wonderful. She is teaching the kids how to be entrepreneurs. When you are in a 4-H group one of the things you can do is place entries in the local fairs and earn money or premiums for them. Debra is teaching the kids how to turn that in to a business. I think this is going to be a lot of fun for them and teach them some valuable skills as well.

So another school year is complete. I’m now working on what we’ll be doing for the new year which we’ll start in a couple of weeks.

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