Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day #18/175 Days

What we did today.....
  • Read Aloud (current Little House on the Prairie book) 
  • Personal Help for Boys by Pearables - two sections (I really like this so far)
  • The Narrow Way by Pearables (Bible) - character study. We're working on "brotherly kindness."
  • Christopher Columbus lapbook - read information & the boys created their vocabulary booklet
  • Piano Lessons (2 hours total for all four of us)
    • Conductor played with Legos while waiting for us to be done (he went first)
    • Conductor & Happy played outside on the swing and watched "animal life"
    • All three boys were able to play some pool during my lessons
We finished the day watching our first episode for My Passport to India.This is a free five week study on the country and culture by India being put out by Mission India and Sonlight Curriculum. It started today but you can still sign up. We watched a five minute episode about traveling from the US to India by plane (25 hours). There was a lot of bonus material about the country that was linked below the video. I read this to the boys as well. We are waiting for our Welcome Kit to arrive to add even more fun.

Subjects covered today:
  • literature
  • Bible
  • history
  • music
  • geography
  • PE

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