Friday, December 3, 2010

Day #53/175 Days - Field Trip

This was a busy day. We started at one end of the state and then went in the opposite direction. Lots of driving means lots of audio books though. We listened to a whole set of Adventures in Odyssey CDs - a favorite of the boys.

We headed to our favorite museum today for the model train exhibit. We also did walk around (despite the protests of my oldest son) for about an hour. I'll let the photos tell the train story. We did discover that one of the local model rail clubs has a "junior" membership and I'll be looking in to that a bit more for Conductor's upcoming birthday in April. He just wants to drive the trains when we come to these exhibits. Being a member - junior or not - would allow him to.

After the museum we headed back north to meet up with our 4-H group. This was our first official meeting of the new year and we worked on creating "theater journals" to record what we do this year. The kids had a great time working on them and did a great job!

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