Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Break

We are currently on our Christmas break - we have been since last Monday. Starting on January 3rd we'll be using a brand new (to us) curriculum called Tapestry of Grace (TOG).

TOG is a classical curriculum which means it follows a cycle of set topics. For instance in history it is Ancient Times, Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern. You would start with a general overview for younger students (grades K-4), then in the next four year cycle (grades 5-8) you would build upon the earlier knowledge, and finally in the high school years you would get in to more details. There is more to this but that is the basic overview.

What I like about TOG at this point is the ability to study the same topic with all of my boys at the same time. Obviously Lego-Man will be doing things in a bit more detail than say Happy but we'll all be on the same topic which will (hopefully) make it easier to do school work together.

Things will definitely be changing around here and I'll be taking this next week to put together all of our material. See you back on January 3rd!

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Frey Family Forest said...

Your blog is such an encouragment, thank you for posting your days! I like the way that you record your days, just might have to think about trying this...