Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9, 2012

Today was the Educational Fair. Our 4-H club put it together for all the area homeschoolers. We set it up similar to the way the Fair works for 4-H. There were various categories the children could enter projects up to a certain limit. We then recruited other folks to come in and judge them using a judging rubric  Highest score won the category. We had a sponsor of the event so the first three winners in each age group (we had three) for each category won a small monetary award.

It was a very crazy busy day for me as I was the one who had to add up the scores for the kids and help pass out the awards.

Overall it was a great day and my boys each won at least one category.

While the judges were checking over the entries and scores were being added up, all the kids headed out and played a rousing game of kickball and had a squirt gun fight. Socialization at its best.

Day #164/175 Days

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