Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13, 2012


  • IXL Math and complete word problem sheet together
  • Practice piano
  • Complete Lesson 10 in handwriting book
  • Complete Easy Grammar Day 3
  • Complete pages 10-12 in Explode the Code
  • Complete worksheet pages
  • Starfall
  • Professor B math
  • Read Psalm 38 and write out one verse
  • Professor B math, IXL Math
  • Complete page 12 in handwriting book
  • Complete Grammar page 65
  • Complete Day #35 in Sequential Spelling
  • Read Chapters 9-10 in Guardians of Ga'Hoole
  • Read pages 223-234 in The World of Capt. John Smith
  • Practice piano
  • Work on airplane lapbook
  • Read Psalm 37 and write out one verse
  • Professor B online, IXL Math
  • Complete page 15 in handwriting book
  • Complete Day #38 in Sequential Spelling
  • Read and complete pages 97-98 & 101-103 in Vocabulary book
  • Read and complete pages 185-191 in Grammar book
  • Practice the piano
  • Complete Grammar page 73
  • Read introduction plus pages 2-18 in The World of Columbus & His Sons
  • Read Chapters 17-18 in The Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way
  • Complete Week #2 in "Career Exploration" on Schoolhouse Teachers

We had cooking class tonight. It was a fun one. We met at the local Farmer's Market. We made ranch dressing and as well as toasted/dipped bread (super yummy!). 

After that we went for a one mile walk. There is a walking path along the river with exercise equipment along it. It was neat to see it and try it out. All the equipment uses your own body weight and is designed to be used outside.

When we got back to the Farmer's Market we were given a shopping challenge. We had $20 and about 15 minutes to purchase an entire meal from the Market. We were given points for various hitting all the food groups and purchasing from as many vendors as possible. There were only five vendors since summer market hasn't started yet. 

I ended up buying whole milk, hamburger, pretzel rolls, radishes, and salad mix. Very yummy!

Day #167/175 Days

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