Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day #3/175

Wow - two days this week - maybe we're on a roll! LOL

Circle Time - Day #2 of Circle Time went faster. I think because we are now reviewing some of the things I introduced the other day. I think Monday Circle Times will end up being longer than the rest of the week. We again started out with "popcorn" prayer" which is going to be good practice for all of us I feel. We said the Pledge of Allegiance and then sang theStar Spangled Banner. I reviewed calendar work with Happy & he seems to be getting it some. We moved on to our poem study. We are going to work on "Time to Rise" by Robert Louis Stevenson this week. I had each boy read the poem aloud & then I taped a copy up on the wall so they can see it throughout the day. I discovered a new blog this week & she had just posted some great things to go along with our hymn study of "Amazing Grace." It's called sure to check out her free notebooking pages. I read a bit of a biography of the kids & realized it sounded familiar. We had heard the story of John Newton on one of the Your Story Hour CD's we listened to this summer. We than sang the first and last verses of the song. We ended Circle Time with a Bible reading. We read aloud Psalm 13 & Proverbs 13. I discussed some of the verses as we went.

Bible - I had the boys go to their rooms (Lego-Man & Conductor) & read Psalm 2 over & over - as many times as they could - for 15 minutes.

We then did Grapevine - the "Creation" lesson and Lesson 2 in NW. We are continuing with studying "faith."

Math - Both Conductor & Lego-Man spent time working on Conductor tried out Quarter Mile Math as well but we're having some technical difficulties with that one. Hopefully we can get it fixed as the boys do seem to like it when it's working.

Kindergarten - Happy was pretty content to just be in the same room with us today. I did nothing formal with him. However, I have a box of activity toys for him to use. I set it up last year. They are various puzzles, games, and other things that help him build on skills. I'm quite content with letting him slowly get in to the routine of being in the same room with us and learning "listening skills" & "being quite to learn" skills. I'll continue to slowly introduce him to more formal learning as the year progresses. My goal is to have him be able to write the alphabet and his name as well as read simple sentences by the end of the year.

Photos of our day:


Cynthia said...

I enjoyed glancing over your day. I barely have time to get through our day let alone record it in such detail (LOL)!

maria said...

Thanks for dropping by heartwork. I love your idea of circle time. We have a family devotion at night and I could include some of your ideas to our family time. Thanks!