Monday, August 31, 2009

Day #4/175 - Field Trip!

A week ago I decided the perfect way to kick-off the official start of our sixth homeschool year would be to go on a field trip. I put it out to the local groups I'm part of & we had 22 people attend! This was perfect as a group of 15 or more meant a group discount - love that. We headed to the Maine Wildlife Park to see - well - Maine wildlife.

I loved albino animals. They've had the porcupine for some time, but this time there was a raccoon as well. It just looked off to me. I kept thinking he was missing his "glasses."



Can you see their matching smiles?
Cousins - both missing their two front teeth.

Amazingly enough the woodchuck was out! We've gone 4-5 times
now & have never seen him (or her?) before!

Miss H checking out the bears.

Conductor watching the bears beg. You could buy
a handful of dog food for $0.25 & then chuck it in to them.

The new fox exhibit was great. It had a viewing platform
above the wire so I didn't have to fight with my camera.

I love the sign.

The new.....

The boys were checking out how far their arms reached in relationship to different raptors wing spans.

Happy has a "wing span" equal to a saw whet owl.

Conductor's arms almost equaled that of a cooper hawk.
(Lego-Man was off with friends so I didn't get any photos of him.)


Happy spent the first half of our trip with a friend & his mom.
After lunch he joined us & the mom had mentioned how well
he was reading the map. He LOVED the map & did a great job reading it.
Here he's showing us where we are - the turtle exhibit.

The turtle in front kept kicking the one in back in the head.
It was pretty comical.

Two tired kiddos - even though Miss H was still awake.

Happy is seeing how far he could jump.
The different signs show different animals.
Apparently spiders can jump two feet (::shudder::)
and so can Happy.

Look a photo with the Teach!

Mr. H - awake & happy & sitting on a turtle
for a photo op with help from my sister.

Miss H on the metal turtle.



This was a great way to kick-off our school year & I plan to do something similar next year.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

What a wonderfully fun way to begin a new school year. It sounds like it was a blessing to others as well.

How in the world do you keep up with two blogs. I'm impressed. I look forward to being able to be back online "for real".