Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day #36/175 Days

Together School

I have been pretty annoyed lately at all the nitpicking that goes on here between the three boys. It's just little things. I'm trying to foster and teach them how to be friends. But it's tough at times. Today I had them sit & think for three minutes to come up with three things each liked about the other. Sadly they couldn't do it. Here is what they did come up with:

Happy on...Lego-Man: His laugh and on Conductor: nothing (although these two typically get along the best)

Conductor on....Lego-Man:
  1. You are older.
  2. You can read long books.
  3. You have a small room.
  1. He's cute.
  2. He likes to play games with me.
  3. He likes to play trains with me.
Lego-Man on....Conductor: I like to rough house with him. And on Happy: I can scare him easily.

Obviously this is something we'll continue to work on.

We continued with Together School by:
  • read aloud
  • Grapevine studies
  • Story of the World volume 2 (We actually used this last year but didn't finish. I am simply trying to finish the reader this year before we start on the next volume.)
Then on to workboxes.

  1. Handwriting
  2. AWANA
  3. Math-U-See
  4. Private Devotions
  5. Writing Journal
  6. "Sweet" break (Skittles & Starbursts today)
  7. Gummy Bear experiment Day #2 The small one is of course, an original size Gummy Bear. The large bloated one has been soaking in water for 24 hours. Today it was put back in salt water to sit for another 24 hours. It should shrink back.
  8. Blog
  9. Read to Happy - two books I chose (Green Eggs & Ham & Wacky Wednesday)
  10. 15 minutes taking photos
  11. Play Toss & Tally with Conductor
  12. Assigned Reading (The Hobbit)
  1. Handwriting
  2. AWANA
  3. Math-U-See
  4. Private Devotions
  5. Writing Journal
  6. "Sweet" break (I need to make sure these don't become a habit! LOL)
  7. Gummy Bear Experiment
  8. Quarter Mile Math drill
  9. Math dice (I gave him 3 dice & a sheet of graph paper. He was to roll all three dices & line up the three numbers on the graph paper. Then add together.)
  10. 15 minutes taking photos
  11. Animal magnet tangrams
  12. Assigned reading (Amelia Earhart: Courage in the Sky by Mona Kerby)
  1. Handwriting
  2. AWANA
  3. Math-U-See
  4. ABC write on/wipe off book (Dollar Tree)
  5. "Sweet" break
  6. Scissor Skills/Fine Motor Skills workbook
  7. Bible Dot-to-Dot book
Again - most of the school took place during Miss H's nap time. She did spend some time on her favorite activity this am though - coloring books!

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Jodi said...

It looks and sounds like you're having a lot of fun in your homeschooling. Gotta love experiments with gummy bears!