Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day #39/175 Days

Well, yesterday was "workboxes only" & today was "together school" only. Perhaps we'll hit on a nice mix of the two here soon.

While I read more from Stories of the Pilgrims, the boys colored. I found some nice color-by-number turkey & cornucopia coloring pages. (ABCTeach members only pages). I read another chapter from Story of the World Volume 2. Then I did some more reading.

I spent some time searching what I had on my computer the other night & discovered a gem. It was one of the Freebie of the Day offerings last year. It's a book published back in the 1800s called Grammar Land by M. L. Nesbitt. The Baldwin Project is currently working to digitize it (in progress). I couldn't seem to find it anywhere else doing a quick search. I read the intro & the first chapter. The boys enjoyed it (as did I). They make the parts of speech into real people. It's hard to explain but very cute & it held the boys attention. At the end - all three (including Happy) - were able to list five nouns. I'll be printing the next chapter in order to read it tomorrow.

They rounded out the morning by doing private devotions and math. Lego-Man asked to work on his blog as well as spend time on Tektoma so he did those as well.

An easy day but fun.


Sheri said...

Hey Lisa! Thanks for stopping by the What's in the Box? Blog of mine-love your ??s, so I actually made a whole post of responses to it. Look for it there. Hey, and Happy Thanksgiving Day to ya. Unless you are Canadian-in which that is a bit late of a greeting-LOL.

FM Sheri

Sheri said...

Oh funny-guess I should read your About Me first-I see you are in the good ole US of A. So definitely-Happy Turkey Day to ya.