Friday, February 12, 2010

Day #76/175 Days

Together School

  • Popcorn Prayer
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • National Anthem
  • Read Aloud (On the Banks of Plum Creek)
  • Matthew 1
  • Poem ("Singing")
  • 24 Family Ways
  • Grapevine Studies
  • Story of the World 3
  • Handel Composer Study
  • Outdoor Winter Challenge

I ordered a Winter Nature Study with Art and Music Appreciation from Barb over at The Handbook of Nature Study. We just started it so we are doing the January studies and the first nature study was on cattails. There is a large growth of cattails at the bottom of our road about three miles away. We drove down and just parked right next to them so the boys could easily see them without getting blown away. We had discussed them a bit before heading down. I did go out and snap a few photos and I also took one off for the boys to feel. The wind picked up and blew seeds all over my jacket but it was really  neat to see. The boys completed their journaling pages and drew pictures of them as did I. I think we're going to like this.

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