Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day #86/175 Days - Field Trip Higgins Armory Museum

The second full day of our time in Massachusetts found us at the Higgins Armory Museum. This was a really cool place. It was a steel/glass building built in 1929 to house the personal armor collection of Mr. Higgins - a manufacturing owner in the town of Worcester, MA. His wife gave him an ultimatum about getting the collection out of the house - or else!

There are four floors of displays here. We started at the top and worked out way down. There was so much to see, but after our long day in Boston the day before, we only spent a few hours here before heading back to my friend's house and packing up to head home.

The fourth floor held displays of armor from Japan, Islamic countries, and traditional suits as well. The third floor was set up to look like a great hall and had a lot to look at in there. More than we actually were able to see. The second floor had a kids play area which all the boys loved. There were some other miscellaneous displays as well.

Photos from our time there....

Lots of armor...lots!

There was a talk about armor and how it was made. We went and checked that out. The boys got to feel some mail and see how it worked. The instructor was a great. He pulled kids from the audience to test things out. My boys enjoyed this. I enjoyed this!

After the talk was over, he let the kids try on the helmet and hold a sword. Only Happy would do this and he loved it.

The boys in the Great Hall area. Lego-Man is listening to the audio tour wand.

Happy in the kids area.

Conductor in the children's area trying on helmets.

The boys (plus our friends that took us - even the cute little knight on the right) playing a giant chess game.

All the kids were happy after their trip to the museum store. 

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