Friday, February 26, 2010

Day #85/175 Days - Field Trip to Boston Museum of Science

The reason we headed to Massachusetts yesterday was for this very trip. More details will be posted at my family blog. We were headed to the Museum of Science in Boston to meet up with some on-line friends and their families. My boys had a fantastic time!

Lego-Man's favorite thing was the simulator.

Once everyone was inside, it moved up and then moved all around while the participants watched a movie. Lego-Man said it was a space roller coaster that took them on a journey through all the planets. He loved it.

Conductor loved the "Science in the Park" area. They had all kinds of playground equipment. His favorite thing there was the running spot. There were lights on the wall and the kids had to run to try to beat them. He did this multiple times. 

Happy said his favorite part was the gift shop and the little stuffed bear he was able to buy. I didn't take any photos of that though. His second favorite was the big swing in the "Science in the Park" area. I kept loosing sight of him and I would always find him here....

Some other fun photos from the day....

Being in two places at once - Boston & Cambridge. 
And yes, the boys are dressed alike (unsocialized homeschool black T-shirts and camo hoodies).
I do that so I can find them easier in a crowd.

Checking out the "mouse trap" display that used pool balls.

Conductor found the train display.

We ended the day touring the butterfly garden. They had lots of them. Very neat.

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Wild Homeschool Family said...

OK I didn't even see science in the park! There was so much to do and see, we definitely plan to return someday.