Monday, May 9, 2011

Day #141/175 Days Fine Arts Co-Op

Today my sister came to our house and we did our Fine Arts Co-Op together. Our focus today for music were the guitar and bugle for instruments and Debussy for a composer. In art we began instruction on how to draw portraits and learned about Winslow Homer.


  • We read an article about the history of guitars. 
  • Then we watched this video on YouTube.

  • The boys constructed a guitar shape book and wrote three facts about guitars inside.
  • We read an article about the history of bugles.
  • Then we watched this video on YouTube. 
  • After the boys dictated three facts that were written on the chalkboard, they created a mini-book
  • Read from Story of the Orchestra about Claude Debussy
  • Listened to some of Debussy's music on the Story of the Orchestra CD
  • Read from the Young Composers book as well
  • The boys created a notebook page about Debussy

  • Watched Lesson 11 in "God & the History of Art" about "American Artists"
  • Began the "Portraits & Anatomy" section of "Beginning Drawing IV" with Barry Stebbing
  • The boys drew:
    • Charlie/Charlene Contrast
    • Hot Dog Man
    • Tin Man
    • Rectangle Man
    • "Sad"
  • Read about Winslow Homer in Art in Story
  • Watched this video on YouTube that showed some of Homer's work 
  • Listed four things learned about Homer and created an Artist Biography Page
  • Created a watercolor painting 

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