Friday, May 20, 2011

Day #150/175 Days Impromptu Field Trip


  • Complete 29B in MUS
  • Complete Lesson 58 in Handwriting
  • Complete 12C in Wordly Wise
  • Complete pg. 37 in Spelling book
  • Practice piano
  • Read book of choice for 20 minutes
  • Math drills using Mad Dog Math & Math Galaxy
  • Math drills using Mad Dog Math & Math Galaxy
  • Complete 12A, fix 12B & complete 12C & 12D in Wordly Wise
  • Complete pgs. 123 & 124 in Phonics
  • Write each spelling word once, fix pg 43
  • Complete Lesson 30 in handwriting
  • Practice piano
  • Word Qwerty (spelling/typing)
  • Read Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book #3 pgs. 4-8 "Lesson II" and draw a picture of what you read
  • Complete 19B in MUS
  • Practice piano
  • Complete Lesson 21 in handwriting

This afternoon I had to travel and hour south to drop off books I was selling at a large used book sale the next day. A friend and I decided to head over to the Maine State Museum after for an impromptu field trip. This is a favorite museum for us. I like it because it's free to all educators (including homeschoolers) and the two younger boys just like exploring it.

Conductor's favorite exhibit - the train as you walk in.

Sad to say - this makes me VERY happy.
In case you can't read it, it mentions that timber rattlesnakes no longer
live in Maine. 

I love the exhibits here.

Yes, he really did plop himself down on the floor
and cracked open a book to look at. It's a field guide.

They all spent quite a bit of time here playing. 

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