Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day #152/175 Days

Typically each day I give the boys a checklist of things to do on their own. That frees me to up to do things with them together and work with Happy one-on-one. Today I decided to change things up a bit. They did most of their work together and it was things that aren't their regular schedule.

  • Watch Lecture one from "Before 1776: Life in the American Colonies" - These are Teaching Company videos lent to us by a friend. Very well done and while they are for high school to college level, I thought it was a nice tie-in to all of our American history we've done this year including our trip to Plimouth last month. 
  • Watch "Journey to the Stars" with express instructions to ignore references to "millions of years." NASA was giving away these DVDs last year and I managed to pick one up.
  • Lego-Man read two chapters in a book called A Kid's Guide to Managing Money.
  • Conductor read two chapters in a book called A Consumer's Guide for Kids.
  • Each boy played for 30 minutes on Wii Fit

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