Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day #5/175 - Park Day

I belong to a large homeschooling group that is located in a nearby town. Well, nearby would be a relative term. They are replacing a bridge on the road there so it takes me just over 30 minutes to get there (the road is closed until the bridge is repaired). But this has been the closest group of homeschoolers for me since we moved here five years ago. It's a great and large group.

One of the leaders thought a Back-to-Homeschool Day in the park would be a great idea. That & our state association is promoting it & we are both county reps for that group. So we did it. And it was great!

It was wonderful to see over 10 families turn out. Now, I know many of you may shake your head at that, but for us, it was a HUGE turnout. We have over 40 families in our directory but rarely do we have more than 3-5 participate in events.

Sadly, I was so busy talking I only took about three photos. Here's two of the better ones....

Lego-Man shooting hoops.

Happy, Miss H & another friend playing Legos.
This was our attempt to keep them away from the
older kids rougher play. They loved it though.

We were there for almost two hours and it was a lot of fun. So much so that we are planning another one for a couple of weeks.

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