Monday, October 5, 2009

Day #25/175 Days

I have stepped back from school for the last two weeks while I try to figure out what's working & what isn't. A lot isn't. I'm spending my days printing lots of stuff & figuring out new systems and what not. Today though we accomplished a few fun things.

The first idea was a fall sun catcher. I saw the idea at Frugal Family Fun Blog (she has some really neat ideas for very frugal crafts for kids) back in September. I kept it in my Google Reader inbox for quite some time & the boys & I finally made a couple today. I was at the tail end of my contact paper but was able to get enough to make two. Thank goodness Miss H was sleeping but we'll do another one for her soon.

Click HERE for directions on how to make an Easy Autumn Tree Sun catcher.

Then we played a game of Dora The Explorer Chutes and Ladders. Let me just say "thank goodness it didn't last forever!" ;-) The boys love it when we play games though so we'll be adding in more over the coming months. I think Happy won.

We then moved on to another craft. I again heard about it on Chasing Cheerios (a great blog for learning with little ones) but the directions are at Make and Takes. These are adorable little apples and we made some pumpkins as well.

Happy winding up a pumpkin - his finished apple is right there.

Conductors finished pieces - two apples & two pumpkins.

Happy's finished products - two apples and one pumpkin.

Click HERE for directions on how to make these.

Next they played another game. It is a fall tic-tac-toe game. Remember me saying I've been spending a lot of time printing & laminating stuff? This is one of those things. It's found at ABCteach in their member section.

The boys played one game & then I played Happy. They liked it. It's quick & easy & since everything is laminated, reusable as well.

Conductor was then sent to read a book (Lego-Man was reading this whole time) & I set Happy to doing this 100 Apples Page. I hear about it at My Montessori Journey. She has a post explaining how it's used in her classroom with a link to the website she found the free download on. Happy was very proud when he finished this.

Off to do some more printing and laminating. Hopefully next week we'll have our new & improved homeschool up & running!

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Cynthia said...

CUTE apples and pumpkins!