Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day #32/175 Days

More work boxes....this may start to get boring...I need to find more fun learning ideas to pop in here.

Although, I spent time getting caught up on correcting Tuesday night & discovered a problem. My sons aren't following directions - particularly my oldest. I'll address this in more detail when I do my review of this system early next week. I did have a talk with him & I think things will work better but we'll see. I like this idea as it does foster independence & that is something I want for Lego-Man, but I don't want him spending time every day redoing what he should have done the day before simply because he's rushing to finish.

  1. Handwriting
  2. AWANA
  3. Math (problem #1 - he was to correct the problems he got wrong previously - he was missing regrouping on his reviews - he didn't even touch them & moved on to the next lesson. Today he fixed them after some instruction from me to remind him how to do this. I'm glad MUS builds in review.)
  4. Private Devotions
  5. Quarter Mile Math drill
  6. Writing Journal
  7. ASL File Folder game (problem #2 - he was to correct this FF game as well. He had just put all the letters on the manual alphabet without making sure they were correct. He didn't even touch this "bonus" item from the day before. He fixed it today.)
  8. Edward Hicks art study from Hearts & Trees Winter 2008 kit. These are great craft kits & I'm now pulling some of the projects for the boys to work on.
  9. Computer pages (continuing on from ABCTeach - these are free pages from their site)
  10. Hmmm...I wrote "Fix" on my index card for this number....ahhhh yes - the nature walk page which had a word bank. (Problem #3) Lego-Man attempted to spell the words himself & a number were wrong.
  11. Make mittens - another project from the Hearts & Trees Winter 2008 kit. These will be a set of fleece mittens. Lego-Man completed one today.
  12. Assigned Reading (The Hobbit)

  1. Handwriting
  2. AWANA
  3. Math-U-See
  4. Place Value Worksheet (ABC Teach member page)
  5. Private Devotions
  6. Apple Addition & Pumpkin Subtraction games
  7. Writing Journal
  8. Quarter Mile Math drill
  9. Fleece Mitten project (see link above)
  10. Edward Hicks art study (see link above)
  11. Assigned reading (The Stolen Train)
Happy - we didn't get far today - there's always next week!
  1. Roll a Fall Tree game - we use a regular die
  2. Fall matching game (can't remember where we found it)
  3. Magnet pattern blocks (makes animals)
  4. Wooden puzzles

And Miss H - I have her things in their own bins & on the table. She was able to pick which ones she wanted to do:
  1. Markers/stickers/paper - I found some washable, non-toxic, chunky markers at the dollar store a while ago & picked them up for her. She had those, a sheet of construction paper, and some regular stickers. This kept her busy for about 20 minutes.
  2. Milk jug caps/glucose tabs bottle and pom-poms with a Tums container. ;-) This kept her busy for another 20 minutes as she took them in & out of the containers.
  3. Color your own stickers (I printed about five pages of these awhile ago & she still has some left). I gave her a sheet of colored construction paper & crayons. This didn't last as long as she's been doing it a bit.
  4. Coloring book & crayons
  5. Reading books
  6. Fall sun catcher (I used the tree from the Roll a Fall Tree Game to make these) We did this after her nap & she loved it.

Miss H putting her tissue paper leaves on her tree.

All three of my boys ended the day at AWANA club. This is 1 hour 45 minutes every Thursday night & I do count it as school time.

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Jodi said...

Oh those kits look so fun. I just clicked over. My younger three would love to make fleece mittens. I'll have to look closer at the kits. They seem reasonable but would I need a separate kit for each child? Have to look closer.