Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day #27/175 Days

We're back to school! Well, sort of. I'm still wanting to implement workboxes for all the boys but it's a very time consuming process to put together. More on that later. Right now I only have Ben set up & not fully the way I would like. But it's working today so far.

We began the morning with Circle Time. This included:

  • Farmer Boy (read aloud 2 chapters)
  • Sarah's Wish (a TOS selection - review up next week)
  • Popcorn Prayer
  • Star Spangled Banner
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Blessed Assurance (our hymn we're working on)
  • 24 family ways - we sang The Wise Man Built His House
  • Read Proverbs 14
  • Continuing to learn to sign John 3:16 - we'll go until we can all do this without looking.
Our "School Together" time continued with two TOS selections I'm reviewing from Bright Ideas Press. The first is called Over Our Heads in Wonder (science) - We learned about air & did an experiment with candles. I lit a candle & then put a metal pan on top. We watched as it went out & talked about why it did. Then I had Conductor try to blow it out by blowing on the jar - straight at it - rather than from the top. Again, we talked about why this doesn't work.

The second book (which I really like) is called Young Scholar's Guide to Composers. We read about Vivaldi today and did some of the activities in the book while we listened to his Four Seasons play on YouTube.

While the big boys & I worked on this, Happy & Miss H worked on the own things. I was able to pick up (with the help of my sister) a great little table that works great for these two. It was at The Christmas Tree Shop & it has a wipe off surface & two chairs.

Happy did these:
Miss H did these:
  • colored her stickers (I can't find where I saw these on the web but I ran them through my Xyron 150 machine turning them in to her own stickers. She LOVED these!)
  • animal magnet match
  • Busy Bugs (Discover Toy)
  • wooden puzzles (Melissa & Doug)

Lunch break

Lego-Man than began working on his workboxes. This was our first day trying this. He had nine "boxes" (I'm actually using gallon ziplock bags but may switch) to complete. They held:
  1. Private Devotions
  2. Math
  3. Writing Journal
  4. AWANA
  5. Sign language DVD - working on the ABC's
  6. Quarter Mile Math drill practice
  7. Assigned reading
  8. Computer pages to read & do some questions on
  9. Famous person report for photography class
Conductor did similar activities but without the workboxes. He completed:
  • Private Devotions
  • Math
  • Writing Journal
  • Quarter Mile Math drill practice
  • Assigned reading
Happy also did:
  • Private Devotions
  • Math
  • Parking Patterns file folder game
  • Some pages in a kindergarten workbook
It was at that point that I realized Happy wasn't feeling good & needed to go lay down. He woke up with a fever three hours later. It seems the winter cold season has started here.

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Innocent Observer said...

I'm sorry that Happy isn't feeling well. Ugh, winter!!!

Is it wrong of me to hope that Happy's illness means no class for tomorrow? Our school box was mysteriously the ONLY thing not loaded into the van for our road trip, and we have been spending this week paying MAJOR catch up, and, well, let's just say we are not caught up!

So, I fully support you in staying home tomorrow to care for your sick kiddo! :P