Monday, January 11, 2010

Day #51/175 Days

Together School
  • Popcorn Prayer
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Sing National Anthem
  • Read aloud (On the Banks of Plum Creek)
  • Poetry ("Singing")
  • Psalm 110/Proverbs 11
  • Discussed how we would stay warm in an igloo
  • Read another chapter in Robert Schumann and His Mascot Ziff (TOS Homeschool Crew review item)
  • Began using The Madsen Method for English - completed Lesson 1 (TOS Homeschool Crew review item)
Lego-Man workboxes:
  • Private Devotions
  • Math Score 
  • MUS
  • Typed up his story (included at the bottom)
  • Writing Journal
  • First Facts online math drill (TOS Homeschool Crew review item)
  • AWANA verses
  • Assigned Reading
  • Wii Fit Plus
Conductor's workboxes:
  • Private Devotions
  • MUS
  • Math Score (TOS Homeschool Crew review item)
  • Typing - Lesson 4 (TOS Homeschool Crew review item)
  • Writing Journal
  • First Facts (TOS Homeschool Crew review item)
  • Write a story - had to use the following words in the story: snowball, squirrel, coconut, ladder, and hibernate
  • Assigned Reading
  • Wii Fit
Happy's Work:
  • M&M Math Graph - we discussed hypothesis, he sorted them all by color, counted them, created a bar graph, colored it in & even surprised me by counting by 2's! I have not taught him that. He learned it by "osmosis" with his older brothers. 
  • Read to him while he ate his M&M's (a book called Reading Goals with lots of easy reader stories in it)
  • First Facts (TOS Homeschool Crew review item)
  • Practiced Fine Motor Skills - drawing/tracing lines, circles
  • Worked in his Rod & Staff workbooks

Lego-Man's story on the left & Happy's M&M graph on the right.

Text of Lego-Man's story....

Ka-Bam!!! Squirrel suddenly woke up from his hibernation. He was covered in snow. He called out, "Who did that?!?!" Coconut the Fox called back, "Sorry, come down and play!" Now Squirrel just loved to play, so he threw his ladder out and came down to play. Coconut made a snowball and threw it at Squirrel. Now Squirrel didn't like this so he said, "Don't do that!" and Coconut said, "No, I won't!" So Squirrel made a snowball and threw it at Coconut. After a good snowball fight they went ice skating, made a snowman, and made snow angels. It was grand fun, but after all that Squirrel said, "I have had great fun Coconut, but I have to go to sleep again." So, back in his den Squirrel went back to sleep till spring.

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