Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day #65/175 Days - AWANA Grand Prix

The boys have participated in AWANA since Conductor was a Cubbie (age 4). It was hit or miss there for a year or so but now they all go regularly. Happy has been a Cubbie (preschool - ages 3 & 4) & is now in Sparks (grades K-2). While Conductor is now in T&T (grades 3-6) & Lego-Man helps out with the Cubbie group since our AWANA group does not continue past sixth grade.

AWANA is a great program and we average about 45 kids each week. I know all of our boys really enjoy it and hubby & I enjoy helping out as well. I am a secretary and he is the games director.

The children meet weekly & memorize Bible verses to earn awards for their uniforms. There are also some fun activities that occur each year. One that is highly anticipated every year is the AWANA Grand Prix. It's very similar in nature to the Boy Scout Pinewood Derby. The children buy a car kit (a block of wood with four tires and axles) and then go to town creating their fastest and most creative design.

My boys were bummed this year that none of them won design or speed trophies but they still had fun. Children are encouraged to create as much of the car on their own as they can. We really encourage that here. My FIL cut the rough shape of the cars for the boys but Lego-Man and Conductor did all the work for their cars plus helped Happy with his. I did some minor painting for Happy. Other than that these cars were all of their own design and creation.

Lego-Man's car crossing the finish line.

Happy's Car is #33, Conductor's car is #50, and Lego-Man's car is #98.

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