Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day #109/175 Days (Co-Op Day)

The two younger boys participated in the Geography Co-Op all morning. I have been teaching a sporadic photography class for older homeschooled kids that started back in September. I started out with 12 kids and I had 3 today. Lego-Man was one of them so I spent the first hour of Co-Op teaching that.

Then I joined the Geography class. Our country today was Kenya. It was taught by one of a Mom who has been there. Our church supports a missionary family who lives there (Actually, they are coming home for good next month! They have been there over 20 years!). Mrs. L had some wonderful insight in to the country and had a lot of great hands-on activities for the kids.

She actually took them outside and built a cook fire. Then cooked chai as that is a staple in the country. It wasn't bad. It tasted like bitter chocolate to me. Then some cornmeal mush. I didn't try that one. And finally a rice dish with goat meat. I did try that one - pretty yummy actually.

Goats are pretty valuable in Kenya and used for a variety of things. The funniest thing she did was have some of the younger kids try to herd the goats from one end of the parking lot to the other. These were Mrs. L's goats - just babies. In Kenya children as young as four have the job of looking after the family goats.
Happy is trying to point this baby goat in the right direction. It just wants to get back to its "mama" (Mrs. L). She finally had EVERYONE run across the lot and the goats happily came along. 

This was a lot of fun and I wish I had seen the first half of it. Mrs. L did send home a fun project of papers for the kids to work on at home. We'll be doing that soon. 

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