Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day #112/175 Days - Co-Op

We started something new today at co-op. All children ages 10 & up started a new class with a friend of mine teaching. She is doing an ecology class for them. She used to be a public school teacher and did this class for eighth graders. I think it went well. This is the class Lego-Man will now be doing. Conductor and Happy will continue in the geography class.

This also halved the number of students we had in our geography class. I taught about the country of England today. My hubby & I had the opportunity to visit here about 12 years ago so I brought in my photo album. We discussed the facts about the country (capital, continent, currency, government, flag, etc.). I also found a great website and used it for most of my information. It's called and it was set up by a junior school to share information from a project they did.

When we had a break and snack, the older children joined us. We enjoyed tea (of course!) and scones (so yummy!!) as well as some "biscuits" (lemon cookies & ginger cookies). I think this is the favorite time for the kids!

We finished up with a craft. They kids created a "Royal Guard" paper doll that I found at DLT Kids site.

Once this was done we sent all the kids outside to play for the last 45 minutes. I brought along a soccer ball and we had some nets set up so a few chose to do that. The rest played on the swing set. We'll start doing this more often to give them some time to burn off some energy and just have fun playing together. It also gives us a chance to clean up the classroom without rushing to get to where we need to be next - well, me anyway.

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