Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day #122/175 Days (Co-Op)

Guess who came to visit the co-op today? Yup, Smokey Bear! I think the kids enjoyed this. One of the men in our church is a Forest Ranger and he agreed to come visit and talk about what he does and bring Smokey with him. 

After this we enjoyed our snack of grapes, cheese, and grape juice. This went with our study of Italy. We read a story about Italy and then talked about the various country features. We did a shorter version than we normally do because of the talk earlier but I think it worked well.

We ended with our craft. I talked briefly about who Michaelangelo was and how he painted the Sistine Chapel. We then taped a large piece of paper to the underside of each child's chair and had them draw a picture. We ended the day by having them play a traditional Italian folk game "What Time is it Mr. Wolf?" 

It is played similarly to Red Light-Green Light. One child is Mr. Wolf. The other children are opposite a line beyond where Mr. Wolf stands. They ask Mr. Wolf what times it is. He can respond with a number. If he does, then the children take that many number of steps. He can also respond with "I'm hungry!" Then he can try to catch a child. If they make it back behind the line, they are safe from Mr. Wolf. Game play continues until Mr. Wolf succeeds in catching someone. 

Lego-Man again attended the ecology class next door. Today they worked on a project in class - making posters. I'll add more on that later.

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