Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day #115/175 Days (4-H activities)

Our first "official" activities for 4-H happened today. The first stop of the day was at a tin-punching workshop held at the county extension office. I think the boys really enjoyed this. We stayed for about an hour and Conductor had a blast working on his. He made a cat.

He was actually the only one to finish in the hour we were there. He even went and added a smiley face to his kitty cat. We will most likely be entering it in the fair. He had to much fun doing this that I went to the dollar store and picked up another cookie sheet for him plus we took another pattern (a hen and an egg) for him to complete later.

Happy had a hard time with this skill but he preserved. I was probably more frustrated than he. He picked a pattern to make a chick.

He was only able to finish about the first ten holes during the hour we were there. He wasn't hitting the nail hard enough to make it go through the tin. One very brave leader was actually holding the nail for a young boy to hit. I simply wasn't that brave. I did it once or twice but I just couldn't do it for the whole thing. We brought it all home with us and I'll have him continue to work on it until he finishes it.

Lego-Man picked a very complicated pattern - a barn. He managed to finish about half of it while we were there. He was making deep holes and having to hit the nail hard to get it through. I think he was getting a bit tired by the end. Again, my plan is to have him finish it in the neat future. These projects will most likely be entered in to the fairs this summer.

Once we were done at this workshop, we headed over to our 4-H leaders house to have a planning meeting and to tie-dye some shirts. We'll use these when we do fundraisers and such. I have to admit right now...I have never ever in my life tie-dyed anything. And I'll admit was FUN! My boys had a good time as well I think.

I forgot to snap some photos yesterday of the finished shirts - once they were washed and dried. I'll grab those soon and add them here. They all came out very nice!

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