Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day #89/175 Days


  • Get Ready for the Code Book B pgs. 36-41
  • Alpha-Phonics Lesson 10a (Lesson 10 is three pages - we're breaking it up.)
  • MUS 14B
  • Practice the piano
  • Practice AWANA verses
  • Science Weekly Level Pre-A on fractions (TOS Crew review product)
  • Colored planet & sun pictures 
  • Read John Chapter 18
  • AWANA verses
  • MUS worksheets (I'm using the worksheet generator on their website to do some lesson reinforcement this week.).
  • Spelling (He is having difficulty following directions and completing this checklist - much of what I assigned him today went undone as a result. This is definitely a skill we will continue working on.)
  • Wordly Wise book (His first day using it - he had a hard time adjusting.) Read pgs. 1-2 (all the words and their definitions) and complete 1A
  • Practice the piano
  • Greek - again he did not follow directions
  • Play on Big IQ Kids for 20 mins (TOS Crew review product)
  • Read his Owls of Ga'Hoole book
  • Read John Chapter 19
  • MUS worksheets
  • Wordly Wise review - I had him use the online book review.
  • Play on Big IQ Kids for 20 mins (TOS Crew review product)
  • Practice the piano
  • Finish Swiss Family Robinson

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