Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day #90/175 Days (over half way done!)


  • Read John Chapter 20
  • Complete "Day 1" pertaining to Chapter 20 (I found a printable online Bible study & we're trying it out this week.)
  • Complete MUS worksheets
  • One TenMarks worksheet
  • Spelling Test
  • Key Word Outline on "Oyster" article (IEW - TOS Review product)
  • Big IQ Kids (TOS Review product)
  • pgs. 1 & 2 Science Weekly Level C (TOS Review product)
  • Practice the piano
  • Read:
    • Robert Fulton from Submarine to Steamboat
    • Napoleon: The Story of the Little Corporal
  • Get Ready for the Code Book B pgs. 42-48 (He is flying through these - so nice!)
  • Alpha-Phonics - Lesson 10b
  • MUS 14C & 14D
  • GoGo Kabongo (TOS review product)
  • Practice the piano
  • Practice AWANA verses
  • AWANA club (2 hours)
**I'm a bit frustrated with Conductor right now. While I enjoy using the checklist for the boys for their "independent" work, I'm finding that Conductor is continually skipping items and/or not reading carefully. In fact, under his "Spelling" I had put "Come give me a hug if you read this." It took three days and it was after I had pointed it out that I finally got my hug. I check the boys work and correct all papers at night while I am readying the next days checklists. At this point, the kids are usually in bed. It's too late for him to redo. I'm now checking his list as soon as he tells me he is "done." This is definitely an issue we will continue to work on.**
  • Read John Chapter 19
  • Complete "Day 1" Bible study page
  • AWANA verses
  • MUS worksheets
  • Two TenMarks worksheets
  •  Spelling  - some work was redone and he did write his words three times
  • Wordly Wise - redid 1A (could not read answers)
  • Practice the piano
  • Greek
  • Big IQ Kids (TOS review product)
  • Science Weekly Level B (TOS review product)
  • Read Owl's of Ga'Hoole book
  • Read Robert Fulton book
  • AWANA club (2 hours)

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