Friday, April 8, 2011

Day #123/175 Days

We have finished Volume 2 of the Story of the World CDs. We'll be starting Volume 3 very soon. However, we changed things up a bit today and started listening to our first Lamplighter Theater CD. It was excellent and I will definitely be getting more of these!

Today we headed in to town for a 4-H meeting. Our 4-H is gearing up for our "Kids Can Grow" program that will be starting soon. It's pretty exciting. We have two Master Gardener's who will be working with the kids. Each child will have their own 3x5 garden plot at home as well as four community garden plots. The community plots will be worked on by the kids as well. They have been split in to four teams and each team will take a plot. All the produce from each community garden will be sold at the local Farmer's Market this fall.

Gardening is very new to me and the boys so I'm really looking forward to this learning experience for them. It's really neat since the Master Gardner's will be making "home visits" to help the kids with their gardens.

We've also been able to solicit donations for just about all the things we need to put this project together. It's been really amazing.

While the moms met at the meeting to figure out future meeting dates, the kids worked on some printable activities I brought in. These were all surrounding our "theater/drama/puppet" focus. They included an elephant puppet (I even scavenged enough cardboard from granola bar boxes and the like to complete this project), finger puppets (enough for each finger!), this fun "drama" stage, and another set of finger puppets but I can't find the link at the moment. The kids had a lot of fun I think with these projects.

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