Monday, April 4, 2011

Day #120/175 Days – Fine Arts Co-Op

Today we headed south to spend the day at my sister's house for our Fine Art's mini-co-op we do together. We covered.....

  • The piccolo using Story of the Orchestra and this clip from YouTube.
  • The trombone again using Story of the Orchestra and two videos from YouTube. One is from the show "How It's Made" and did just that as well as this video showing it's played.
  • They created their mini-books on each instrument using resources from Homeschool Share
  • I purchased this book at the homeschool convention a few weeks ago - Lives of the Muscians and we read from this today about Vivaldi.
Lives of the Musicians
  • We created a mini-book on Vivaldi and also listened to his "Spring" symphony on YouTube.
After a short break for the kids to play and the grown-ups to plan. (We will be going on a long weekend away together soon for educational purposes. I'll tell you all about it after we get back.)
  • Watched Lesson 10 on "God & the History of Art" with Barry Stebbing (wonderful DVDs). It was on Neo-Classical art.
  • Watched the last lesson on "Beginning Drawing III" called "The Grand Crecendo" where Mr. Stebbing puts together all the bits he has taught into one drawing. They boys did great.
  • Read about Mary Cassatt in Art in Story & then watched a YouTube video showcasing some of her work (I love YouTube - it's not just music). 
  • The boys were also given a choice of four Mary Cassatt coloring pages. Each were a black line drawing of one of her paintings. They used colored pencils to color them in. We then compared them to the originals.
  • Finally, they created an Artist of Influence page. I printed out a self-portrait of Mary Cassatt as well as four thumbnails of her paintings. They boys pasted three to this sheet. We'll probably use this sheet again. 

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