Monday, August 22, 2011

Houston Brook Falls Field Trip

My brother is here with his family on a vacation from their home in southern California. I decided this was a fantastic week to start school. We were planning some sort of excursion almost every day. Aside from that we also had Vacation Bible School each night, our biology/science co-op was starting, and a good friend from out of state was also in Maine on vacation and we had made plans to get together. I counted the opportunity for at least four field trips!
Today was the first day we went out to spend with my brother and his clan. We headed to a local spot called Houston Brook Falls. It’s a great little hike and the boys and I have been before a couple of times. The walk in is nice and easy. After you scale a fairly good-sized hill, you can continue walking up along the top of the falls.
I also discovered that the kids were all “perfect” ages. In age order…
K - age 6, Happy - age 7, K - age 8, B - age 9, and Conductor - age 10.

We had Lego-Man jump in so we could have a “cousin” picture.

We saw lots of mushrooms – very interesting ones – and other flora and fauna. Here’s a look at just a couple.
And the trail? Yeah, it has a very steep part and when one son tells me he is bored (we were waiting for my sister & her family to make their way back down), well, then he has to go back up and come back down.



Overall it was a great day and a great hike. We tried to find another set of falls, but we were unable to.

This was also the first night of Vacation Bible School. Happy & Conductor participated. Lego-Man and I were helpers.

Day #1/175 Days

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