Thursday, August 25, 2011

Science Co-Op Begins

This year we are trying another co-op. Once again though this is a "limited time only" one which fits in to our schedule a bit better. However, when I tell people what we are doing they do scoff a bit at me. We are meeting weekly in order to just complete all the experiments. Our goal is to be done by Thanksgiving. Yes, that fast.

My oldest son is now in high school. I have another homeschooling friend who has graduated one and is near to graduating her second. She asked if I wanted to try doing a co-op for Apolgia's Biology (1st Edition). I decided to give it a try.

Since there are just as many younger siblings as there are high school age, I am teaching all the younger siblings (ages 5-12) using Considering God's Creation. There are parents helping in each group plus we have a nursery for those too far too young for my class.

We met today to do the Pond Study experiment. My friend & I took the liberty of moving the experiments around a bit in order to take advantage of our seasons here in Maine. While we are doing the first four modules in order, we will then be skipping around a bit.

All the kids (and even a few of the parents) seemed to have a great time at the pond today gathering samples, checking out insects, and doing observations.

I was surprised at how into it Conductor got. He had excellent luck capturing lots of water striders. Here's an example...

I think know it's going to be a lot of work - for everyone - but it will be a good start to Lego-Man's high school portfolio.

Day #4/175 Days

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