Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22, 2011 - Science Co-Op

Today the high school group worked on flower and fruit anatomy and dissected both. They also looked at chick development slides.

The Considering God's Creation class worked through Lesson 7 which covered weather. We discussed the "weather equation" and what things affect weather (sun, air, water, rotation & revolution, and land). We broke in to two groups - older and younger. One group worked on creating the notebook page and the other group made homemade kites.

The younger group made kites first while the older kids worked on their notebook pages. The older kids managed to make their kites faster so I sent them to help the younger ones with their notebook pages. This seemed to work well.

I used instructions on this page to make the kites.

Unfortunately, it was raining by the time we were done, so I saved all the kites and we'll fly them the next time we get together if the weather cooperates.

Day #22/175 Days

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