Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011 - "The Three Little Pigs" Play

The boys and I love going to see plays. Thankfully we have a couple of theaters that do plays for children. This year we were able to attend one for the first time at Lakewood Theater

The play was a take on the classic "Three Little Pigs" story. In the play the three little pigs were rather naughty and did not obey the Farmer's Wife. The smallest pig was called "Hamlet" and spoke with a definite "Shakespeare" tone. Most of the adults caught the funny spots even if the kids missed them. 

There was singing throughout.  

One of the "villains" 

The "big bad wolf" was a bit "tender-hearted" even though the
vulture kept trying to get him to catch the pigs.

The wolf attempting to grab the pigs.

I found the play hilarious and even the boys loved it. In fact, while I was loading photos for this post, my youngest saw them and again commented on how much he liked the play! We'll definitely continue to try to see more as we can.

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