Friday, September 23, 2011

September 23, 2011 - Common Ground Fair

I love the Common Ground Fair. While I don't love the large amount of people there, I do love the fair. It is hosted by MOFGA (the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association). It is an "old-fashioned" country fair. The best part for me?? No midway to contend with! Yeah!

Another reason I love Common Ground? They have "educational day" on their opening day - Friday. All educators - including homeschoolers - can get in for free. They also specifically included homeschoolers in their travel stipend reimbursement program this year. That makes it worth it for me to go.

There is a ton to see and do. This year I told the boys they could do some fun stuff but I had to go to some "sheep talks" in order to learn as much as I can (we are getting sheep soon). They agreed and did overall pretty well with this. Here are some photos of our day. We arrived shortly after the gates opened (9:15ish) and stayed until about 4pm.
High flying hay jumping

Mad Science had a few tables set up. This was super fun!

Decorating his flag banner. Each younger boy made one.

Trying their hand at threshing real wheat.
They had hoses stuck on sticks as their flails. 

He didn't realize I was taking his photo.
We all sat on the common for lunch. It turned out to be a hot and warm day.

He didn't know I was taking his photo either.

Neither did he.

Near the end of the day we ended up in the "Wednesday Spinners" tent.
My "unsocialized homeschoolers" struck up a conservation with this 
spinner. They had a great time chatting.

Another thing I love about the fair is things like this.
Near the spinning tent was an interactive community weaving craft.
There was a "loom" set up and a bowl of yarn.
Everyone was encouraged to add to it.
Happy is concentrating on his weaving.

All the younger boys working on it.

Another favorite spot - the sliding hill!
They wanted to do this first thing in the morning but
the hill was too wet. It was perfect in the afternoon.

I love the look on his face!

And yes, I did make it to one sheep talk at least - about lambing. THIS is what the normal presentation of a lamb being born should be.....

Due to the fact that we were talking breeding and birthing, the younger boys were sent off to play nearby. They did fantastic for the hour I stood in the sun and listened to this very informative talk. My teenager chose to stay and listen so he'll be helping with the lambing in the spring.

Day #23/175 Days

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