Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012

Pilot is struggling with his attitude lately. Hello, puberty! Today was a rather particularly hard day for him. And he made it slightly worse when he wrote "I don't care" on his daily checklist for schoolwork. However, this helped him learn about character and we had a nice discussion (again) about attitude. As a result, you'll see a similar list of work for tomorrow. Since he chose not to complete a lot of today's work or do it very poorly, a lot of it was redone plus some added work - all about attitude adjustments.

I'm not going to type out all he was suppose to do today since he did very little of it and will be redoing it tomorrow.


  • Completed Lesson 19 in Math
  • Practice the piano
  • Worked in All About Spelling with me
  • Reading Eggs - online
  • K5 learning - online


  • Redo rows 1-4 in math on page 46 (did incorrectly)
  • Complete handwriting page
  • Spell & Write book - complete pgs 97-98 and do pg 100 (all of it!) and pg. 101
  • Spelling Skills book - complete pgs. 82-83
  • Complete writing pages 169-170
  • Complete Grammar page 19
  • Practice the piano
  • Read Johnny Tremain for 20 minutes & complete book report form
  • Read Proverbs 1 and write out one verse you like.

Day #84/175

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