Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012


  • Watch "Inside the White House" on Netflix
  • Read Johnny Tremain for 20 minutes
  • Read the next 10 pages of Augustus Caesar 
  • Work on 4H Project Records
  • Practice piano
Pilot & Happy
  • Tanglewood Class - the kids went snowshoeing and learned about winter habitats. They had, of course, a blast.

Heading across the field. 

Love the snowshoes going every which way.

Heading down the path.

We have such great teachers!

The kids were given film canisters filled with warm Jell-O.
They had to build a habitat to keep it from freezing.

Pilot's home.

All covered up. It worked. It was still warm when he took it out later.

Day #89/175 Days

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