Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3, 2012

MATH: pg. 48 complete rows 1-4, pg. 49 complete rows. Complete math practice sheet.
HANDWRITING: write each word three times
SPELLING: Spell& Write book - read pg. 103 only. Complete pgs. 104-105
Spelling Skills pgs. 84-85
WRITING: complete pg.179
Subjects/Predicates pg. 20
MUSIC: practice piano
READING: Johnny Tremaine for 20 mins
Read pgs. xi-13 in Augustus Caeser's World
BIBLE: Read Proverbs 3 & write out one verse
MATH: Lesson #15 -#8-12 & Lesson #16 rows 1-7 (pgs. 40-41), math practice page

HANDWRITING: complete pgs. 71-72
Write the following verse three times in cursive neatly.
"Do everything without complaining or arguing." Philippians 2:14
WRITING: REDO writing pgs. 169-170 & do extra practice page
SPELLING: Spell & Write book pg. 97. Write each preposition twice. Number them.
Only read pg. 103 Complete pgs. 104-106
MUSIC: Practice piano
BIBLE: Read Proverbs 3 & write out one verse
AWANA verses
READING: Read The Borrowers for 30 mins & read The World of Christopher Columbus pgs. 1-13

TOS CREW: Math Rider for 10 mins
K5 Learning for 20 mins

Day #85/175 Days

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