Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012


  • Practice piano
  • Read aloud - 5 chapters - A Nest for Celeste
  • Began working on Educational Fair projects
  • Worked on 4-H paperwork
  • Watched two episodes of Drive Thru History
  • Watched a webinar about Astronomy 
  • Cooking Class
Class was fun today. We began by listing what our favorite fast food meal would be. Then our chef put it together for us! Or rather, all the fat included in the meal on a hamburger roll. Here was Happy's:

It is a salad and chips from Subway. 

The meal we made today were burgers. We mixed bison burger and turkey burger together (mainly to help extend the bison burger since it's a bit pricey). The burger was put on an Ezekiel bread English Muffin (yum!). We also made sweet potato French fries and also had watermelon. There were various toppings as well that could be added. This was one of our favorite meals we've made to date.

Day #159/175 Days

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