Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012


  • Math: Complete #12-16 on pg. 193; Complete #11-15 on pg. 194 (and fix errors); Lesson 94 - complete rows 1-3 on pg. 196 and #8-13 on pg. 197; Lesson 95 - complete rows 5-7 on pg. 198 and #8-15 on pg. 199; work on CapJaxMathFax for 15 minutes; and work on IXL Math for 15 minutes
  • Complete Lesson 2 in handwriting book
  • Complete Day #33 in Sequential Spelling
  • Read and complete pg. 85 in Vocabulary book
  • Read and complete pg. 127-131 in Grammar book
  • Practice piano
  • Read Psalm 32 and write out one verse
  • Complete Grammar pg. 61
  • Read pgs. 286-299 in George Washington's World
  • Read Chapters 7-8 in The Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way
  • Complete both sides of your math worksheet
  • Practice the piano
  • Complete handwriting pages
  • Head of the Class
  • Starfall
  • Reading Eggs
  • Go Go Kabongo
  • CapJaxMathFax 
  • IXL Math
  • Math: Fix errors on Lesson 40; Lesson 42 complete rows 3-5 on pg 92 and #8-12 on pg. 93; CapJaxMathFax for 15 minutes; and IXL Math for 15 minutes
  • Complete Day 1 handwriting page
  • Finish reading My Side of the Mountain
  • Read pages 156-169 in The World of Capt. John Smith
  • Review errors on Grammar pg. 57 and complete pg. 59
  • Read Psalm 33 and write out one verse
  • Practice the piano
  • Complete Day #31 of Sequential Spelling
  • Work on airplane lapbook

This afternoon we started our new cooking class. This is a new community program. We are participating with another family. Each week we are meeting to learn about nutrition and how to cook healthy meals. The class is being taught by a local chef and a local personal trainer/nutritionist. 

Each class has the children preparing the food and then we all sit down to eat it together before we leave. We also take home groceries in order to recreate the meals. It's a free program as well. I like that the kids are doing the work. The rule (for my very picky older boys) is that they have to try all the food. They may not like it, but they do have to taste it.

Day #153/175 Days

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