Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Our 4-H group has set up some pottery classes at a local store. It's a pretty small studio so when all of us show up, we pretty  much fill the space! The neat thing is it's located in the old county jail building. The studio  is located in the garage space where the police cars would pull in to bring prisoners to the jail. This was a fantastic late spring day, so the garage door was open which made it feel a bit more open and airy in there.


This class was one of two where the kids were making mugs. Today they created them. They will be fired and then we'll go back and paint and glaze them and they'll have one more firing.

My boys really enjoy these classes. As a bonus, it helps the boys with their Arts & Crafts Project Record for their 4-H program.

Day #148/175 Days

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