Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day #147/175 Days

Day #3 of their Lego Lapbook (only four days total). Today was about building with Legos. This is a really cool link to a mosaic built using only Legos. It's beautiful.

We spent the afternoon at a 4-H meeting. The group is gearing up and fine tuning our project for the fair. We had started out with service/therapy dogs. It was narrowed down to Service Dogs for Autism. We'll even be incorporating that in to our community service project.

Conductor was able to spend some time shooting a .22 rifle. I find it funny that he instinctively does things like this left-handed. He bats left too when playing baseball. None of us do this. Some long ago genetics are in this child though. He loves shooting and is getting very good at it. (His Daddy is right behind him coaching him the entire time and being sure all is safe.)

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