Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day #152/175 Days - 4-H Day Camp

The schedule stayed the same as yesterday except Happy did not help make snack today. He participated in a morning workshop instead. We discussed mothers and baby animals and insects. Each child (and adult) was given a photo of one or the other and then we had to find out matches. The animals were easy. The insects were impossible without a lot of help!

Morning snack was yogurt parfaits. YUMMY! Morning swim happened on the west side of the lake today (the side we were already on). It was a hot day and the east side was full so no extra parking. The kids still had fun although it was a lot more rocky and there was no sandy beach to play in.

After lunch I taught the older kids a class on photography. It went well. The younger crew were at theater. 

Then the younger crew came down and had a workshop on wind power. First they made pinwheels.

Then the instructors showed them how wind power can actually work. 

The fan was powering a pinwheel. The pinwheel was hooked up to a small light/sound board. At first a red light would light up and then the music would start playing. The kids really enjoyed the workshop (so did I!).

My kids are having the time of their lives but they are pretty tired. We leave the house by 8am and don't arrive back home until 3pm or later. I had to run some errands after today so it was close to 4:30 before we were home. Early bedtimes though!

One of the only photos I have of the older kids working on the garden.

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