Monday, June 28, 2010

Day #154/175 Days

Our summer school session is starting today. I’m looking at using a very laid back approach. I came up with a simple check-list for both Lego-Man and Conductor. All of their work can be done on their own. This will free me up to work one-on-one with Happy and use some time planning for next year.
  • Bible Study (they will be reading through the book of Hebrews and filling out free Quiet Time form.
  • Mathletics (20 mins)
  • Quarter Mile Math (10 mins)
  • Math Score (15 mins)
  • Spelling (using a sample of Sequential Spelling video program)
  • Writing Journal
  • Read for 1 hour
We are working through a In the Hands of a Child lapbook I was able to pick up from HOAC for $5 (love deals like that – they are offering a new one every week). We’re using Blueberries for Sal. We’ll be covering blueberries, the story line, bears, and Maine. It should be fun and I’m glad I’ll be able to focus on him for a bit.

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