Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day #144/175 Days (Field Trip)

Today we headed south to the Maine Wildlife Park. This is a great place to visit. In fact, we started our school year there (Day #4). If you want to compare how much the kids have grown, click here to go to the Day #4 post.

We began our time there with a class on owls & then dissecting owl pellets. Here are some photos..

blog2(discussing the differences between owls and ducks) 

blog3(talking about how owl wings differ from other birds – seagulls – and let them fly silently)


(Saw-whet owls)

On to dissecting….each family was given 3-4 pellets each. Conductor went with my nephew and they worked together and Lego-Man and Happy worked with me.

blog5blog1After lunch we headed in to the park to check out all the animals. The small animals all have new habitats so that was really nice to see.

blog6blog7This is an albino raccoon. When Miss H saw these two (they share a cage) she was studying them more intently than I realized. She asked me at one point, “Where’s his sunglasses?” and pointed to the albino one. ;-)

While walking through the park we came across some wild birds that had decided to stop by for a visit. We first came across this duck in a tiny pond. We were able to get very close to it.


Then we followed this Canadian goose and a gaggle of geese as they walked from the bear habitat down to the same little pond. They took a little drink and a little swim before we moved back up to see the bears.

   blog9My favorite photo of the day….


More random photos from the day:


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